Compromised Websites

What happens if my site gets hacked?

We would remove permissions permissions from your public_html folder so that no further harm can be done to our servers or your sites reputation. We would also send out an email notification informing you that your site has been hacked. We would include a brief summary of the incident as well as recommended steps to follow.

What happens next?

You can either restore permissions to your site and attempt to clean and secure it against further abuse. Alternatively you can contact your web developer and ask them to assist them with these steps.

How did this happen?

There is a wide range of methods that hackers use to gain unauthorised access to accounts. The most common is through outdated or insecure software/plugins. This is especially true for commonly used software packages like Wordpress or Joomla. There are many known exploits that are extremely easy to take advantage of if your site is outdated.

How can I prevent it from occurring again?

Please see our recommended security precautions over here.

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