What SSL certificate do I require?

Shared cPanel Certificates (Available on all shared hosting servers)

These certificates are free on all our shared hosting services. They can be generated within cPanel and do not have to be ordered through the client area.

They offer the same level of protection as third party certificates, however, they do generate SSL errors within the browser as the certificates are not supplied by a trusted certificate authority.

It is only recommended to use these certificates for your site back-end, or on sites that do not receive public visitors.

Standard SSL Certificate (RapidSSL)

These certificates are suitable for most clients looking to protect their sites. The entry level SSL certificates have a low cost and they are able to secure one fully qualified domain name (www or non-www) with up to 256-bit encryption.

It is suitable for e-commerce sites or any website where sensitive data is being entered. Works on 99+% of browsers and has a moderate mobile compatibility.

Premium SSL Certificate (GeoTrust & Thawte)

The premium SSL certificates are well known for their combination of trust, security, and speed. Your site will be secured through by a trusted name in the industry.

We recommend this certificate for any site that has a large mobile visitor base as they offer strong mobile compatibility.

Wildcard Certificates (Comodo)

A Wildcard SSL Certificate enables SSL encryption on unlimited sub domains using a single certificate.

Organization Validated (Comodo, GeoTrust & Thawte)

These certificates are very similar to the Premium SSL range. They offer an additional level of trust as the organisation is verified through the contact details on the domain.

They are recommended for medium sized e-commerce sites, your customers will know that your website is safe to do business with.

Extended Validation Certificates (Comodo, GeoTrust & Thawte)

The EV SSL certificates offer the ultimate protection in website security. They also provide the highest level of trust through the green address bar.

These certificates are highly recommended for larger corporations, traffic heavy e-commerce sites, and other sites striving to reach these impressive levels.

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